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August 27, 2019

Version 5.0


New Features

Mandatory Related Country Types: Earlier this year, we released a feature that allowed you to define related countries. This was based on elements within the new FIAU Implementing Procedures where in section 9.5.2 you are requested to maintain a record of the jurisdictions where “the business or economic activity the customer carries out”. Users can now opt to set this feature as mandatory such that the system will generate warnings for any onboarding or serviced client for whom at least one related country was set. If you would like to enable this feature kindly follow the steps provided here.

Improvement to Tasks: We have made a number of improvements to our Tasks feature such that users can now mark tasks as done via the Tasks dashboard itself. This allows multiple tasks across different entities to be marked as done without having to navigate to each entity’s Tasks page.

Users can also create more complex tasks including the ability to set task due dates to be offset by a number of days/months. For example, you can now easily create a task that is due 42 days after the anniversary of a company. Another minor feature is the ability to attach descriptions to tasks that can be useful to include notes and detailed explanations on how to complete the task.

Improved Integration with SharePoint: While integration with SharePoint for document management has been a feature of InScope for quite some time now, we have now extended this module to also support scenarios where the documents are uploaded to SharePoint via InScope-AML. This is similar to the features released for Google Drive, file shares and Amazon cloud in Version 4.0. This feature is ideal if you have a SharePoint environment and would like documents to be saved to that environment via InScope-AML. For further information on how you can leverage this new feature kindly contact the team at

Client List Export: The Client List feature released in Version 3.0 has been enhanced to support exporting of clients to Excel. This feature allows you to remain compliant with section 9.5.2 of the the new FIAU Implementing Procedures which suggests that FIAU may ask you for a copy of this data. Whereas, the client list could easily be exported to PDF, the new version of InScope-AML allows you to also export it to Excel. As always, the data can be exported anonymised if required.

Other Enhancements

Mobile-Friendly: We have improved our user interface to support smaller devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Storage Limits shown on UI: For our users that have leveraged the recently released feature that allows you to store documents on the InScope-AML cloud, we are now displaying the total storage size used so as to allow you to track storage usage.

Improved support for printing: Various screens have now been optimised for printing. Look out for the new print icon that is displayed on the more common screens.

Multiple Signature Lines: The printed version of the View Risk Assessment Screen can now be configured to include multiple signature lines, making it easy for you to get the printed risk assessment physically approved by multiple people in line with any policy you may have in place.

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