Version 8.9


InScope-AML version 8.9 will start being rolled out to our cloud environments in March 2023. On-premise environments will receive these updates shortly after and may be updated along with previous versions. 



New Reports for Real Estate & Notarial Environments


The following reports have now been introduced, which should greatly assist in gathering most of the required information for the REQ submission, provided that the information is being stored on InScope-AML:

  • Main Dashboard
  • Transactions by Related Country Types
  • Parties by Related Country Types
  • Transactions by Custom Fields
  • Parties by Custom Fields

In the Report Parameters section, the following information need to be used/may be used in any of the above report types to generate the correct statistics:

  • Report Date Range – the report date range is set by default to the date range as defined in the present year REQ. This can be altered to collect any other information during the desired date range.
  • Group Countries by – set by default to include the present year country grouping as defined in the REQ. Can be changed to any other Country Category Group to collect information based on the way countries are grouped.
  • One Category Per Country – should only be toggled on, when a country is listed in more than 1 category, to avoid reporting it twice.
  • Filter transactions by reporting dates – This filter is to be used to gather information on transactions which have been closed (final deed signed) or which are still at Promise of Sale stage. Options are:
    • Final Deed was signed during reporting date range
    • Promise of Sales was signed during reporting date range
    • Promise of Sales open as at end of reporting date range
  • Filter Transactions By Type – Allows the selection of transactions whether being a Property SaleProperty Rental or both.
  • Filter Transactions by Segment – Provides the optionality to further filter transactions based on specific criteria.
  • Consider only transaction parties that are: – (Not applicable to reports Transactions by Related Country Types and Transactions by Custom Fields) Several options of transactions parties are provided to base the filtration on. These include:
    • Customers (Buyers, Lessees, Sellers & Lessors)
    • Buyers/Lessees
    • Sellers/Lessors
    • Customer UBOs (Buyers, Lessees, Sellers & Lessors)
    • Buyers/Lessees UBOs
    • Sellers/Lessors UBOs
    • Customers (Buyers, Lessees, Sellers & Lessors) & their UBOs
    • Customers & All Connections
  • UBOs are defined as – The system default refers to the UBO minimum percentage as defined in the Risk Assessment Settings screen (accessible to admin users). This may be changed accordingly for the purpose of reporting.
  • Filter Transactions Parties by segment – (Not applicable to reports Transactions by Related Country Types and Transactions by Custom Fields) Provides the optionality to further filter transaction parties based on specific criteria.



Version 8.9


Users may Show/Hide any of the fields or information from the Report Selection pane, displaying only the statistics reports of interest.


Version 8.9

On the Main Dashboard report, for the report statistics which involve Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), a segment needs to be linked in order to generate the correct information.


Changes in Reports for CSP/Accounting/Auditing/Legal Environments


  1. A new PEP report section has been created which collects statistics on individuals who are PEPs. Individuals are split into 2:

a. PEP Clients (Individuals only) – Provides statistics on serviced individuals who are PEPs

b. UBOs (Individuals) who are PEPs – Provides statistics on UBOs of serviced entities who are PEPs.


2. Subsidiaries of type stakeholders are now accounted for in the report section Companies with Subsidiaries by Jurisdiction


3. Report section By Year Onboarded has been removed for tenants with the Multiple services modules. Users should use the Customer Type on the Main Dashboard report and the Client Services Statistics report.



Minor Changes

  • Added a new report column for Transaction Reports for Real Estate Modules, named Valuewhich reports the transaction value.

Bug Fixes


  • Users who did not have admin permission, could not add multiple countries via a country group. This has now been resolved.
  • Entities list on the main dashboard screen tabs was not being updated for tenants with the “Teams” premium feature, when the window was closed and then re-opened.

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