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August 31, 2022

Version 8.5

InScope version 8.5 will start being rolled out to our cloud environments on 31st August 2022. On-premise environments will receive these updates at a later date and may be batched with future releases. The key items addressed in this update are outlined below.


Custom Fields in Risk Assessments / Changes to Risk Notes Feature

InScope will be removing the Risk Notes feature in this update, as users can now add a custom field to the risk assessment instead. Users still using the Risk Notes feature are encouraged to stop using this screen and start using the new feature instead.

The benefit of this update is twofold, as the custom field will also show for the risk assessment as the risk notes did, however the Custom Field will remain as a ‘snapshot’ at the time of assessment and will be accessible from the risk assessment history when viewing older risk assessments, unlike the Risk Notes.

This option can be enabled from the Edit Custom Field Categories screen as shown below:

Document Tab Filter

We have added a filter to the Documents tab. This is useful when users with to quickly view or check a certain item, rather than scrolling through the entire list as in previous versions. The Filter can be opened by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top left of the documents box users. This will show the dropdown of all available documents and you will be able to select the required item.

Improvements to Reports

Filters in excel reports

In previous versions of InScope reports generated as Excel documents did not have the filters (Shown in the first screenshot below) used to generate said report in the header allowing for easier understanding of reports that were refined in advance of exporting to Excel.

Once the report is extracted the filters are displayed at the top of the Excel per the below:

Jurisdiction within Client List Reports update

Jurisdiction items within the client list report has now been broken down in client list reports to allow for greater ease of reporting, both to local authorities and internally:

Filtering by UBO percentages

Reports that display information about UBOs support the option of filtering the report based on a particular “UBO threshold” (e.g. greater than 25%). The UBO percentage filter has also been updated to include greater than or equal to allowing for easy refining of search results.

Filtering History Screen by Changes to Structure (e.g. UBOs)

Another quality-of-life improvement in Version 8.5 is the ability to filter the ‘History’ tab on a company profile. Users can now filter the audit log by updates to Shareholders, Beneficial Owners Corporate Shareholders and the overall Structure.

Terminated Roles in Entity Dashboard Screen

In order to assist users in identifying previous roles held by an individual, InScope will now show previous roles greyed out in the ‘Roles’ section of the profile page.

Segments By Risk Pillar Score

InScope now allows you to create a segment based on the scores associated with a particular risk pillar as per the client’s last Customer Risk Assessment. Segment filter conditions now include a ‘Last risk score for the risk pillar’ condition. Users will need to create a new segment, and then under Filter conditions select the new condition, the appropriate Pillar and then choose an operator from the list below before finally selecting a Score.

As with all other segments, this segment can be used for reporting; to build more complex segments (e.g. Clients with UBOs who have a jurisdiction risk pillar score greater than 8); for risk scoring; or in rules for custom fields, related country types, documents, etc…

Relationship Status Improvements

We have made a number of minor changes to the way we display relationship statuses. This allows us to change the titles of each relationship status and determine which statuses are visible in the Edit Details screen. If you require these to be updated, please reach out to As part of this release, for users of our Real Estate Module, will notice a reduced set of options in the Edit Details that should simplify data entry.

Icon showing background process is ongoing

Version 8.5 has also added a Process indication display in the header of an entity profile, shown below:

This cog icon indicates that a background process is ongoing, allowing for users to know when a change to the entity profile is still taking effect.

Bug Fixes

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