by Mariana Costa

June 03, 2024

Version 8.15

InScope-AML version 8.15 will start being rolled out to our cloud environments in June 2024. On-premise environments will receive these updates shortly after and may be updated along with previous versions.


New ID Document Option

A new identification document type named No ID Document has been added to the system, for situations where the identification document is unknown or not a requirement.

Version 8.15

When this option is selected in the Basic Details section, an identification document with a unique automatically generated ID number is added by the system, which gets rid of the warning to add an identification document.

Version 8.15

Additional User Permissions

A new set of user permissions have been added into the system:

  1. To allow access to the User Accounts section, via the permission Manage User Accounts;
  2. To grant access to the Self Service section, via the permission Manage Self Service;
  3. To enable visibility of the External Searches section, via the permission Manage External Searches;

    Version 8.15
  4. To upload and remove attachments, via the permission Upload Entity Documents;
  5. Download documents, via the permission Download Entity Documents.

    Version 8.15

Additional Configurable Header for Self Service Portal Branding

New colouring options were added for the header background of companies’ logos, so the branding of the Self Service Portal can be further tailored to fit each company’s brand design.

Version 8.15

Screening of Expired Passports

Prior to this version, expired passports that were deleted and stored into the Deleted Identification Documents section, were not being subject to screening. Now, with this new version, considering that the identification numbers of passports change at renewal, expired passports in the deleted sections will continue to be screened in parallel with the updated Identification Document.

Client, Officer, UBO and Transaction List Reports Additional Report Columns

New report column options which allows the display of country fields have been added to the Client List, Officer List and UBO List report, and in the Transaction List report for non-real estate clients and real-estate/notarial clients respectively. To exhibit the intended country field in any of the applicable reports as an additional column, users can search for “Related Country” or search the country field by name and select the type they want to report within the Report Columns field:

Version 8.15

Client, UBO, and Officer Lists Additional Report Columns

Three new report columns have been added to the Client List, UBO List and Officer List reports for Non-real estate clients:

  1. A new column displaying the Business Units associated with each client through the services they are being provided. To introduce it in the applicable reports, users can search for and select the Business Units option from the Report Columns field:

    Version 8.15
  2. A new column displaying the Country of Birth for individuals is now available. To add it in the applicable reports, users can search by and select the Country of Birth column that applies to the selected report from Client, Officer and UBO List reports, from the Report Columns field:

    Version 8.15
  3. The columns Client Name, Officer Name and UBO Name have been divided into three new columns displaying Full Name, First Name and Last Name. The Full Name column appears in the applicable reports by default. To exhibit the remaining two reporting columns (i.e. First Name and Last Name) which are only applicable for individuals, users can search for Name and select the parameters they wish to display, from the Report Columns field:

    Version 8.15

Country Fields Reported In Segment Reports

New reporting columns have been added to the reports extracted from segments displaying the Related Country Types configured in the system. All Related Country Types are now included by default, and are reported comma-separated in the same column if multiple countries are populated for a specific country field.

Version 8.15
Version 8.15

Minor changes

There have also been a small number of minor changes to the system, such as:

  1. The user permission previously named Manage Accounts (Administrator) has been renamed to System Administrator.

    Version 8.15
  2. The Mobile number and Email address fields have been removed from the Self Service Portal requests as they were read-only and could not be edited from the portal.
  3. The email template option Invitation to SSP has been removed as it was not in use by the system for any Self Service Portal features.

    Version 8.15
  4. A new setting has been added to clients having the Self Service Portal feature by allowing/disallowing recipients from downloading documents already uploaded on the client’s system when a request is sent.

    Version 8.15
  5. New security settings have been added to the Self Service Portal manage section, in order to allow clients to set their preferences when it comes to bad log in attempts and session expirations.

    Version 8.15
  6. The fields Publication Date and Depository Notary have been hidden from the Self Service Portal.
  7. The Basic Details field Place of birth has been renamed to Place of birth (Town/City).

    Version 8.15

Bug Fixes

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