by Jonathan Spiteri

December 20, 2023

Version 8.13

InScope-AML version 8.13 will start being rolled out to our cloud environments in December 2023. On-premise environments will receive these updates shortly after and may be updated along with previous versions.


Custom Fields Screen Performance Improvements

Performance enhancements in the Custom Fields screen have been made in order to improve the user experience when populating the information in the same screen. These enhancements makes the loading of this screen faster and reduce delays especially for clients with a long list of complicated custom fields and large client databases.

Another enhancement has been implemented to the Custom Fields screen which correspond to fields of type Choice (dropdown). In the previous versions prior to this (pre-V8.13) all the dropdown options of a choice custom field were being displayed as soon as a user clicks to make selection. This has now been improved so that only the first 100 options are shown. In addition users are now able to start typing into the custom field to filter any dropdown options which are matched by the entry made. This new feature would enable users to find the option which they are looking for easier; especially when there is a long list of custom field options.

Minor changes

There have also been a small number of minor changes to the system, such as:

  1. The twitter logo has been changed to the X logo on all email notifications and templates. Version 8.13

  2. Prior to this version, only the stakeholders which were already included out-of-the-box would display the stakeholder’s role in the structure chart of the company (such as Controllers, Settlors, Beneficiaries etc.). However this now has also been extended for custom stakeholders which are set to inherit the UBO definition.
  3. A new back-end setting has been introduced to remove any trailing zeros from an individual’s ID document (if applicable).
  4. The system now allows for multiple IP addresses to be whitelisted to access the application. Clients who wish to further enhance their database security by allowing specific IP addresses to access the database are now able to whitelist more than a single IP address.
  5. Another option to allow users to send out emails via Google has now been introduced in this new version using Google’s OAuth. In a future version, Microsoft’s OAuth will also be added to the list of option to send emails from.
  6. Whenever a document is uploaded/updated via the self service portal, and the change is accepted by an authorised user, the new identification document is automatically verified through Regula’s document verification process. This update only applies to clients which have Regula’s identification document verification feature and the self service portal feature in their licensing agreement.

Bug Fixes

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