Version 8.12


InScope-AML version 8.12 will start being rolled out to our cloud environments in early November 2023. On-premise environments will receive these updates shortly after and may be updated along with previous versions.




Self Service Portal updates


Clients which have the premium Self Service Portal feature enabled are now able to customize the Self Service Portal from their own user interface.

Admin users will now be able to:

  • Customize the colour scheme of the portal and the portal’s email templates
  • Upload/update the company’s logo
  • Introduce/update the company’s Privacy Policy and/or Terms & Conditions
  • Update the email templates related to the Self Service Portal
  • Update security settings related to the Invitation Link expiration period and Verification Code expiration period.

A new screen has been introduced for Admin users called Manage Self Service.


Version 8.12


By clicking on this, admin user is directed to a new screen as shown below. One may click on any of the Edit buttons to update the Self-service portal branding, email templates or security feature, and on the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions, which will then redirect to the respective screen.


Version 8.12


Branding Screen

Colour codes for the Self-service portal and the email templates need to be provided in the form of a Hex Colour Code.

Logos need to be uploaded specifically with a size of 61 x 219 pixels and in a .png format.

The Master Email Template shall be kept as is unless there are specific requests in the way the format of the email is structured.


Version 8.12


Email Templates

Email templates will need to be updated by administrators to brand them with the company’s information and company name.


Version 8.12


It is advisable that the the Subject of the email is changed to display the company’s name.

When updating the HTML Body and Text Body , they should be both updated whenever a change or addition in the email body is required.


Version 8.12


Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

The two screens are identical in the way they operate; therefore what is referred to for the Privacy Policy here, also applies to the Terms & Conditions.

An admin user can enable or disable a Privacy Policy from being displaying on the Self Service portal screen by the end user.

In order to add a Privacy Policy for the first time, the user would need to click on the dropdown and select “New Version” as shown below:


Version 8.12


The admin user would then be able to draft (or paste the Privacy Policy) into the text box and can then press SaveOnce a Privacy Policy is saved, it cannot be edited, but a new version will need to be created every single time. This is because a history of each Privacy Policy is retained within the system with the date & time of when it was last saved.


Version 8.12


Security Settings

Here admin users can change the default settings for:

  • The Invitation Link expiry once sent via email in days (By default this is set to 7 days)
  • The Verification Code expiry once sent via email to log in into the Self Service Portal in minutes (By default this is set to 5 minutes)


Version 8.12


Changes to the Self Service Portal log in screen

A small change has been made to the Self Service Portal screen when the end-user is logging in into the system. The Privacy Policy and T&Cs have now been introduced as links which would direct the user to a screen displaying the policies as inputted by the admin user. The user would need to tick all of the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions before being able to access the portal itself.


Version 8.12




Minor changes


There have also been a small number of minor changes to the system, such as:

  • Clients who have the Client Accounts feature enabled can now also choose to include this as a Reporting column in the Client List, UBO List and Officer List reports.
  • A new comments section has been added to the Client Accounts feature, allowing users to input information related to the linked accounts.  This information can also be propagated to other joint account holders of the same account if required.
  • Background graphics have been removed when printing risk assessments to avoid issues with illegible sections based on the background of the colours.


Version 8.12


Bug Fixes


  • Segment names are now correctly displaying the proper name in the Related Country Types screen when special characters are included in the name such as >, ≥, <, ≤, € and £, to name a few.
  • When updating document information, a new document was being saved, rather than updating the fields of the existing documents. This has now been rectified, and the document is updated accordingly without creating a new one.
  • Removed an extra blank dropdown option when the user tries to add a document from the dropdown Document Type field; this error had no impact on the overall functionality.
  • The clickable values on reports, were only returning one client name in the list, even though the statistics value was 2 or more. The issue has now been resolved and the correct client list loads up when clicking on the statistics values.
  • New/Updated sanction hits related to the Malta Asset Recovery Bureau were not displaying an information tag even though it was a new or updated sanction hit.