by Jonathan Spiteri

September 28, 2023

Version 8.11

InScope-AML version 8.11 will start being rolled out to our cloud environments in early October 2023. On-premise environments will receive these updates shortly after and may be updated along with previous versions.


Identification Document Verification

This feature will be a premium feature on InScope-AML and will work on a token-based system where verification of identification documents can only be performed if tokens for verification are licensed.

InScope-AML has recently partnered with Regula; a global developer of forensic devices and verification solutions. This partnership will enhance KYC-service capabilities by verifying identification documents provided by customers and connected parties of our clients through trustworthy comprehensive verification against Regula’s proprietary database of identification documents from all over the world.

Regula’s database covers a total of 247 countries with over 13,000 identification templates, which further enhances InScope-AML’s AML & KYC compliance capabilities making it even simpler and more effective for users to verify information provided by their clients.

If you would like to read more on this partnership, please click here.

Through this integration, uploaded identification documents on InScope-AML would be verified for:

Furthermore, InScope-AML then makes a cross-check using Regula’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversion software to determine whether the information currently - present on InScope-AML’s client’s profile matches that on the provided identification document.

Such comparison checks include:

Whenever an identification document is added and uploaded on InScope-AML, it will be verified against Regula’s database for its authenticity.

In the Identification Documents screen for individuals, users will now be able to see a new column called Verified as shown below:

In the example above, 3 scenarios are represented:

  1. The document uploaded has been verified to be authentic and that the fields on the individual’s profile match.
  2. The document uploaded has not been verified. This could be mainly due to 3 reasons:
    1. The uploaded identification document was incorrect/fraudulent/incomplete.
    2. The uploaded identification document was of poor quality.
    3. The OCRed document data does not match the data as inputted on InScope-AML.
  3. No document uploaded and hence verification cannot be carried out, or the Identification document verification feature is disabled.

Users can see a breakdown of the verification details by clicking on the document and then click on See verification details button as shown below. This would bring up all of the verification criteria details.

Should there be a document verification failure in any way, the system will provide a breakdown of what failed and why. In the example below, an incomplete and blurry ID card was uploaded to a passport document. The Regula verification was able to identify that the uploaded document was an ID card and that the text fields were present and in the correct location. However, it was able to identify that the quality of the image uploaded was of poor quality and also that the document uploaded was incomplete (back was missing); which subsequently was not able to verify the MRZ information.

Furthermore, when the uploaded document was OCRed and compared to InScope-AML’s data, the document type (uploaded document was an ID card and not a passport) and document ID failed (document number was different), the document issue date was not matching as there was no issue date in InScope-AML’s field, and the document expiration date was different.

An override feature was introduced in cases where the uploaded document fails verification through this process but is then reviewed and verified to be correct and complete by the user. A Manually Verify button allows users (admin users or users with the appropriate permission) to override the verification and complete it.

In such cases, once an identification document is manually verified, the verified symbol will be displayed in grey instead of green.

Minor changes

There have also been a number of minor changes to the system, such as:

Bug Fixes

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