by InScope-AML

April 18, 2023

“A great opportunity for partners to become part of a growing AML market” – Brett Trojanowski

Brett Trojanowski is the Business Development Manager at InScope-AML based in the company’s head office in Malta, and amongst his main roles is that of finding partners all over the world.

Brett joined InScope-AML in July last year after a 15-year career in sales in South Africa. “The diverse team and international outlook made it very easy to settle in. And with Africa being one of the markets of interest, I could start leveraging my experience almost immediately.”

Besides Africa, InScope-AML is also actively looking for partners in other regions where the fight against money-laundering is top priority. Today InScope-AML is being used by companies in seven countries through clients that have been using the solution for a number of years. “The best affirmation of how relevant and effective a solution is in a specific region are loyal customers. We believe, however, that in order to expand in line with our ambitions and to provide the level of service that we are accustomed to provide, we need to have like-minded partners in each region of interest.”

InScope-AML offers a very attractive Partnership Program that has three tiers of co-operation. As an Affiliate one can earn a commission on referrals. A level up, and for companies that are already operating in a related sector, they can become Resellers and bundle InScope-AML together with services they already offer.

The top level of co-operation involves becoming a Regional Partner. Brett continues. “We go to great lengths to ensure that there is a good culture fit between prospective regional partners and our team. When we decide to enter a new market, we invest a lot of time and resources in compiling an in-depth Market Intelligence report to gain a complete & accurate understanding of the market. This would involve meeting with regulators and other significant players. The report also helps us identify the type of company that would be an ideal regional partner in that specific market. It is important that they are able to provide the additional local knowledge and on-site presence that is required.”

In all his meetings with prospective partners, Brett likes to emphasise the importance of being early in the market to offer a tool like InScope-AML in regions that are becoming more and more aware of AML compliance obligations, especially due to increasing regulatory pressure.

“The market for AML Compliance Management solutions is booming, and this is the right time for like-minded companies to get on board and become part of InScope-AML’s success story. Becoming an InScope-AML partner allows these companies to reach out to new customers, sell more to their current customers, improve customer stickiness, and grow their revenue.”

You can reach out to Brett for a chat on

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