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February 22, 2023

InScope-AML Open Forum – CPE Accredited AML Training

We are pleased to launch our first series of InScope-AML Open Forum and at the same time give you an opportunity for personal development and adding to your CPE hours.

Our aim is to create a training environment specifically focused on particular topics. At the same time, we will also provide you with an opportunity to take part in a debate and raise questions related to AML-CFT management. In fact, at the end of each module we will specifically dedicate time for free discussion and present you with the opportunity to ask any question in connection with AML-CFT management.

Our first forum will consist of three different modules, with each one addressing a different aspect of managing AML-CFT risks.

Module 1: The role of directors & senior managers in adopting robust Anti Money Laundering measures.


The AML-CFT legislation demands a high level of commitment from the board of directors and/or senior managers in having in place strong and adequate AML-CFT measures and controls. The law may also impose personal fines to directors and senior managers.


This module will focus on the responsibilities of directors and senior managers in their role to ensure that the organisation is adopting adequate and robust anti money laundering measures.

The module aims to provide the necessary training to directors and senior managers on their respective role and it will clearly outline the risks attached for non-adhering to such regulatory obligations.

Course content:

The training will expand on the statutory obligations of directors and senior managers and will also delve into the personal liabilities that a director or a senior manager may face. It will also discuss the expectations of the FIAU when it is assessing the role of directors and senior managers and the range of applicable fines that are applicable.

Another area that is covered during the training session is how to deal with a suspicious transaction.

Target Audience:

Directors, senior managers, MLROs and compliance officers of subject persons

Module 2: Dealing with Source of Wealth information


In July 2022, the FIAU issued Guidance notes on ‘Obtaining Source of Wealth information related to parties other than customer.’ This is indeed a welcomed document as it clearly outlines the way that the FIAU expects the level of due diligence applied when obtaining information on source of wealth.


The aim of this module is to expand on this recent guideline and explore different situations of how and when there is a need to collect information on the source of wealth as part of the due diligence process.

Course content:

During this module a number of case studies will be discussed to better explain the appropriate approach needed when collecting Source of Wealth information.

Target audience:

This module is aimed at compliance officers, MLROs and other staff that are involved in the day-to-day AML-CFT monitoring.

Module 3: Take Aways from Enforcement Notices


During 2022, the FIAU issued more than 30 enforcement notices. These included a wide range of different subject persons.


The course content aims to identify the pattern of fines applied by the FIAU. What can we learn from these? What are the main reasons behind the fines applied?

The aim of this module is to learn more from the administrative measures applied by the FIAU and seek ways on how such risks can be mitigated.

Target Audience:

This module is aimed for directors, senior managers, compliance officers and MLROs of all subject persons.

The Trainer

The sessions will be delivered by Victor Rizzo who is a co-founder of InScope-AML Limited. Victor has a long background in compliance and he also served as MLRO for a number of financial institutions. He has been lecturing on AML for the past ten years.

Schedule & Venue:

The modules will take place on three different dates as follows:

Module 1: 9th March 2023

Module 2: 16th March 2023

Module 3: 24th March 2023

Venue: The Notch Conference Center, Triq Wied Għollieqa San Ġwann

Time: 8.30 am Registration

Session: 9.00 am to 12.00 noon (with a 30-minute break)

You can book a place for ALL the modules at a price of € 145 plus VAT

You can nominate a different person for each module.

Booking for a single module can also be made at a price of € 60 plus VAT.

All Modules carry a CPE accreditation of 2.5 core hours each.

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