by InScope-AML

August 03, 2023

InScope-AML Annual Meet Up: “Celebrating successes and preparing for the future.”

InScope-AML team members from different countries met up in Malta last week to plan ahead the product roadmap for the coming months.

Commenting on InScope-AML’s achievements, Matt Rizzo, the company’s CEO said that over the past year employee headcount doubled as the company saw an increase of 30% in the customer base. The product is now in 8 countries, up from 4 last year, thanks to an increase in the number of companies that have become InScope-AML partners.

Over the same period, the product has been through 6 major releases which brought 50 new features. This has improved the customer experience and made the product easier to use through better reporting, client customisations, security, and integrations.

The roadmap for the coming months is equally exciting and ambitious as the company has set its eyes on new markets and new partnerships. “In the dynamic environment of AML compliance, staying put is not an option. We are celebrating our successes, but there is much more to come. Our mission of making AML compliance easier for affected companies is resonating very well with our target markets, and the future looks very bright.”

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