Version 7.9

New features

REQ 2021 changes

The latest version of InScope-AML has been updated to better support reporting for the 2021 REQ, as per the below:

  • The countries in each country category have been updated to reflect changes in the 2021 REQ country lists.
  • ‘High Risk Countries’ has been renamed to FIAU High Risk Countries for better clarity when extracting information for the report.
  • A new section has been added to the reporting module that shows Stakeholders by Custom Fields, as per the below. This section allows retrieval of custom field information by one or more stakeholder types. This will allow users to more easily extract data relating to stakeholders across a variety of items.
Version 7.9


‘View Reports’ Permission

In previous versions of InScope-AML the reporting module was only available for users with Administrator permissions. In the latest version of InScope-AML, a new permission has been added which allows users to view reports specifically. This enables users without administrator rights to generate/view reports.

Version 7.9


Change in Risk assessment due sensitivity

Previous versions of InScope-AML would generate a risk assessment due warning if one of the following changes is triggered on the entities system generated risk assessment:

  • Any risk pillar score
  • Any risk pillar classification
  • Changes to the overall score
  • Changes in overall classification

A new feature has been implemented which generates the ‘Risk Assessment Due’ warnings only if the overall risk classification changes. This means that small fluctuations in any risk pillar score or the overall score will no longer cause a large number of risk assessments to be triggered, unless an entity changes risk classification, e.g. moves from Low to Medium.

Please contact support if you would like to enable this feature.


Account numbers mandatory based on rules

Previous versions of InScope-AML would allow users to enter account numbers, however the system would not generate the relevant warnings. Clients that have account numbers enabled can now set rules that specify for whom account numbers will be mandatory. For example if you set Account numbers as mandatory for ‘All Serviced Clients’ then all serviced entities will now show a warning that the account number is missing information.

Version 7.9
Version 7.9


Segments including corporate owners

In the latest version of InScope-AML users are now able to generate reports and Segments that include Corporate Owners, within a particular percentage ownership. This allows greater flexibility when extracting pertinent information or creating new rules within InScope.

Bug Fixes

  • There were scenarios where, when downloading the beneficial owners report for an entity with a minority shareholder class, the percentage held was not being included.
  • There were scenarios where, when downloading the Beneficial Owners report for an entity which had a beneficial owner via a trust in the structure chart, the report would not specify which Beneficial Owner was via a trust.
  • When selecting an individual in a structure chart, the user interface would show the Date of Birth as being incorrect by one day.
  • A risk pillar could not be deleted if it was in use by custom fields.

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