by InScope-AML

May 18, 2020

Version 7.2

In the latest InScope version we have added the following functionality and updates, including with all 7.1 updates.

Additional Support for related country type rules – by segment

The related country types being Mandatory is now configurable by Client base segment

Whereas the screen used to look like this:

You are now able to customise which segments the ‘Related country types’ are Mandatory for, based on entity segment, such as ‘All Entities, Serviced Clients, All trusts etc’ Allowing you to better apply your oganisations KYC policies more effectively and accurately.

Deceased Individuals

In the unfortunate event that you have a deceased individual such as a Policyholder or Settlor, we have added a Yes/No option to accommodate this when entering an individual.’s profile details.

This will suppress warnings and rules associated with a standard client profile in accordance with the situation.

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