by InScope-AML

January 07, 2023

Filling in the FIAU REQ with InScope-AML

It’s that time of the year, again.

It’s going to be a breeze, because everything is organised, and the information you need to fill in the FIAU’s Risk Evaluation Questionnaire (REQ) is easily available.

That is, if you are a client of InScope-AML.

If not, this year may be difficult. So make sure you buy Inscope-AML for next year. For now, just have a look at how you would otherwise have got the information you need to fill in the REQ.

Do you want to know what the Total number of customers with an active business relationship is?

Here it is…

And what about the % of total customers who are Natural Persons & Legal Persons?


The percentage of Active customers that are Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk?

Just by pressing a few buttons…

And what about the number of Customers with cash-intensive businesses?


The percentage of total customers and/or beneficial owners that are resident, or otherwise, incorporated or have their principal place of business in Malta, EU/EEA, Non-EU/EEA, High Risk Jurisdiction?

There is a report for that too…..

…..with Geography reports generated in line with FIAU definition of high-risk countries!

But not only that.

All reports can be filtered by business unit (CSP/Accounting)

And all reports can be downloaded to Excel!

And all reports support drilling down to list the clients represented by every statistic.

So you can see the 20 clients with low risk identified below….

…..and list them.

We have many clients in Malta, and all can vouch that our solution is an indispensable tool to manage AML Compliance as well as to generate the information required to fill in the FIAU’s REQ.

If you are not our customer and would like to learn more, then please reach out to us today.

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