by InScope-AML

November 18, 2022

KSi Malta – Client Testimonial

KSi Malta is a leading provider of auditing, accounting, tax and consultancy services offered through their team of tax advisors and lawyers. The company was set up over 40 years ago.

The company is a member of Morison Global, an association of over 160 leading professional firms in more than 80 countries, that was established to meet the cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting needs of clients.

At KSi Malta, Clare Galea Deguara is the Senior Manager for Risk and Compliance and leads the team entrusted with formulating internal policies and procedures related to AML as well as ensuring that everyone within the company remains compliant with AML regulations.

We spoke to Clare about the process which led to the selection of InScope-AML as the company’s AML Compliance Management solution.

“Before InScope-AML was introduced within the company, we were relying on another solution which posed some challenges to the way we worked. To begin with, it was rather rigid in terms of the procedures we had to abide by and the types of reports it could provide. It also did not allow for any customisations to be made in line with the way we worked, as well as local legislation. To complicate matters further, support was rather difficult to obtain.

So, when we came to a decision to look for a new solution, we were very clear as to what this new solution had to provide.

We wanted something that could adapt to the way we work, rather than the other way round. It had to be user-friendly, and had to integrate seamlessly with our internal systems, to provide a centralised system where all AML-related information and processes would reside. And finally, and most importantly, the new solution had to be backed by a team of professionals who were there for us when we needed them.

Based on these considerations, InScope-AML came out on top of the three shortlisted solutions we were considering.”

We asked Clare about the implementation process.

“It was very evident, from the word go, that the InScope-AML team had done all this many times before. They were very clear about the process and the steps ahead and guided us through each stage of implementation. Along the way, they were very receptive to our specific needs, and did not try to impose their way of seeing things. We worked hard as a team and the whole process was very straight-forward, and overall, a positive experience.”

In your opinion, what tangible improvements did InScope-AML bring about?

“There were various improvements, and not just those identified when selecting the solution.

As a company which prides itself on its staff’s professionalism, and for having provided an impeccable level of service for the past 40 years, maintaining the highest level of consistency is very important at KSi Malta. InScope-AML assists in the provision of a consistent process, making the distribution and management of clients amongst different account managers so much easier, also ensuring that all our clients are getting the same excellent service KSi Malta is known for.

InScope-AML has also simplified the AML Compliance Management process by leading the user through the steps that are required, raising alerts when a step is missed. It has facilitated handovers, when people need to take long leave or if they decide to leave. And it has made the induction process of new team members so much easier.

It is also fully compliant with local legislation and has facilitated the compilation and submission of reports to regulatory authorities.”

Overall, how would you describe the experience with InScope-AML?

“We are extremely happy with the service provided by the team at InScope-AML, both during implementation as well as in our day-to-day operation, and we are happy with the choice we made when selecting the solution and the team behind it. If we had to go back, we would definitely do it again.”

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