by InScope-AML

April 03, 2022

CSA Group – Client testimonial

CSA Group is an established leading firm in Malta that forms part of the Allinial Global, one of the top global accounting and advisory associations with over 26,000 exceptional professionals in more than 96 countries worldwide.

The firm employs over 80 professionals who specialise in accounting, audit & assurance, financial and business consultancy, tax, compliance support, regulatory and financial services.

Marisa Saliba, Chief Operating Officer at CSA Group, explained the importance of being in control of the processes related to AML and KYC compliance, while still ensuring an effort-free onboarding and experience and seamless journey throughout for their clients, whilst ensuring that all requirements and obligations are being met and monitored. “Offering the best customer service has always been our priority at CSA Group, even when this meant having to process everything manually. Today InScope-AML allows us to offer the same level of service with less effort and people on our end, allowing our professionals to focus on areas where they provide more added-value to our customers.”

“When we set about looking for a solution which could support us in our AML obligations, we considered various options, most of which were global. We decided on InScope-AML due to its impressive list of features which cover all that is necessary to ensure the robust compliance required by international regulations, but at the same time very adaptable to local circumstances. It definitely ticked all the boxes.”

According to Kirsty Formosa Frendo, Compliance and AML Manager, who is involved in the day-to-day operations related to InScope-AML, “After the migration process was over, it was immediately evident that InScope-AML was going to make life much simpler. For example, previously we had to construct structure charts manually to better understand a customer’s involvement in various companies. With InScope-AML, this just requires a simple click of the mouse. The same can be said for keeping track of customer documentation, such as identification documents with an expiry date. InScope-AML provides timely alerts to help ensure that nothing escapes our attention.”

Marisa Saliba continues.* “InScope-AML provides a lot of value to different people involved in the process, according to their user rights, with all actions that are made duly audited. The features offered add a lot of value to the business. For example, InScope-AML categorises customers according to their risk. Not only that. Once factors related to this risk change, as they often do, customers are automatically re-categorised. When you have hundreds of customers, you can imagine how cumbersome it is to conduct this exercise manually. Fortunately, we have InScope-AML.”*

“While InScope-AML provides a lot of the services required, its ability to integrate with third-party solutions is another great benefit. The next step in our journey is to integrate the solution with our other internal systems to provide end-to-end processes which will allow us to automate even more of the repetitive tasks. Again, this will free up our professionals to work on the areas where they can add more value.”

Asked to comment about the team behind InScope-AML, Marisa Saliba says, “They have provided an impeccable service from day one, always making things happen when we required their support. This, in my opinion, is the most important feature of the solution.”

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