by InScope-AML

January 19, 2023

Characteristics of Successful MLROs

At a time when Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs) are facing more and more pressures and responsibilities, some have decided to look for a better way.

No more manual processes, no more spreadsheets, no more last-minute panic.


Successful MLROs keep calm in the face of adversity; when reports are due, when things change leading to the need for risk re-assessments, when trouble brews.

They are supported by a solution which sends alerts when action is required, updates automatically when risk factors change, and simplifies report generation.

Eyes always open…..

Successful MLROs are great leaders, good listeners and delegators. They always stay on top of the team’s progress and monitor their deliverables. This ensures that procedures are being followed and consistent customer experience is being delivered.

They are supported by a solution which provides an overview of all the processes, alerts, audit trails and enforces consistent workflows.

Ears to the ground……

Successful MLROs keep an ear to the ground to keep abreast of changes that may affect AML Compliance processes.

They are supported by a solution which is updated when changes come about, such as changes in sanctions and PEP lists, adverse media updates, and changes in country risk profiles.

The customer in their heart…..

Successful MLROs always have the customer’s best interest at heart. They are passionate to provide seamless onboarding and a great customer experience.

They are supported by a solution which simplifies processes to allow their team to spend more quality time with the customer.

A hands-on approach……

Successful MLROs provide a hands-on approach to AML Compliance Management.

They are supported by a solution which keeps them on top of things with information at their fingertips where and when they need it most.

Act fast…….

Successful MLROs act fast when action is required.

They are supported by a solution which never lets them down and keeps them on their toes to act in a timely manner if and when required.

InScope-AML puts MLROs back in control and on top of all pending tasks. It offers features that assist companies stay compliant with AML and CFT obligations through an end-to-end process

Please reach out to us today to learn more.

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